OOYOO made MOU agreement with CAPTICO2

OOYOO Ltd. is excited to announce its MOU agreement with CAPTICO2. 

CAPTICO2 AS was formed in Norway in January 2020 with the purpose of developing and commercializing high-capacity and cost-effective Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) modules. Under the agreement, OOYOO and CAPTICO2  will explore opportunities,  within the shipping industry,  to capture and convert up to 99% of the CO2 emission from the shipping industry.

Maritime ships on average carry more than 80% of global trade by volume.  The difficult-to-decarbonize maritime shipping sector produces 1 billions tonnes per year.  Thats a huge problem for the planet.  

We have to create a strong international collection of young ventures, willing to fight for the future of their planet.  We’re excited that our young company, OOYOO, born out of Kyoto University, is able to make these international collaborations to help fight climate change. 













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