OOYOO Partnerships

The OOYOO plan

OOYOO doesn’t manufacture.

OOYOO doesn’t distribute or sell product.

OOYOO identifies important problems, with our customers, that can be solved by OOYOO know-how and IP in air and gas technology, and implemented by OOYOO’s manufacturing and engineering partners.

We already have such technologies in hand, e.g. oxygen or nitrogen or carbon dioxide purification and are starting to implement them with industry partners into society. However we are fast, smart and flexible to take on new problems everyday.

OOYOO ideally wants its techology to be used everywhere, and offer non-exclusive access to its IP, and know-how. As a first customer in a particular challenge, your advantage will be an initial exclusive period where you can use our cutting edge technology ahead of your competitors.

The gas industry is dominated by large companies.
What can OOYOO do?:

We welcome their Open Innovation Partnerships. Large vertically integrated companies, by simple fact of gravity, are caught between the need to innovate quickly and the necessity to protect their current businesses.
OOYOO technologies can enable these companies.

Contact us, and see how we can bring decades of materials science experience and a wide-network of manufacturing partners, to take you from problem to success.

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