[Press Release] GS Yuasa and OOYOO Sign Basic Agreement for the Development and Market Provision of CO2 Separation Membrane Systems

-Membrane CO2 Capture and Recycling Will Help Achieve a Carbon-Neutral Society-


GS Yuasa International Ltd. (“GS Yuasa“) and GS Yuasa Membrane Co., Ltd. (“GS Yuasa Membrane“) along with OOYOO Corporation (“OOYOO“) have reached a basic agreement to develop and provide high-performance CO2 separation membrane systems that will enable CO21 capture and reuse. They aim to commercialize CO2 separation modules by the fiscal year 2024 and then the market provision of CO2 separation systems within 2 years. 

Technologies to separate and capture CO2 have recently garnered attention as a mean to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The development this time is to use membrane separation2 which has a cost advantage over several different methods. The companies are joining forces to combine OOYOO’s first generation3, high-performance CO2/N24 separation membrane technology with GS Yuasa Membrane’s newly developed high-efficiency spiral module5 technology, which maximizes membrane performance. They aim to develop and sell compact and energy-efficient CO2 separation systems. These systems will be able to separate and recover CO2 from exhaust gases and process gases in factories, contributing to the establishment of carbon recycling technology. This will help create a carbon-neutral society by utilizing the recovered CO2 to produce items such as carbonated gas, fertilizers, dry ice, chemical products, and fuel.

※1 Carbon dioxide
※2 The technology to separate CO2 from exhaust gas using thin membrane. It is suitable for small capacity and has the advantage of being inexpensive
※3 The CO2/N2 separation membrane OOYOO developed by its unique technology between 2020 and 2021. OOYOO has been trying innovative development of world class new generation CO2/N2 separation membrane
※4 Nitrogen
※5 A spiral module is a module manufactured by wrapping a sheet-like membrane around a perforated tube (gas collection tube). Features include a large membrane area per volume, compact size, and fast gas permeation speed.GS Yuasa’s membrane spiral module achieves high efficiency and energy savings by adopting proprietary technology.

The scope of the three companies’ activities is as follows:

[GS Yuasa and GS Yuasa Membrane]
– Provision of module technology using high-performance separation membranes
– Development of CO2 separation devices
– Provision of high-performance CO2/N2 separation membranes (OOYOO Membrane Gen.1) and development of membrane production processes

Business Model:


Comments from key figures:

– Osamu Murao, President of GS Yuasa
“GS Yuasa has contributed to the realization of a sustainable society through the ‘mitigation’ of CO2 using energy storage technology. This agreement marks our entry into the new field of ‘capture and reuse’ of CO2, using membrane-related technology developed through battery research. We will further accelerate our development efforts to realize a carbon-neutral society.“
– Saburo Tanaka, President of GS Yuasa Membrane 
“Our membrane business has contributed to the realization of a sustainable society through water purification and the recovery of valuable substances. With this agreement, we are entering the new field of ‘capture and reuse’ of CO2 and aim to expand our business in the environmental field, contributing to society.“
– Easan Sivaniah, Founder of OOYOO and Professor at Kyoto University: 
“Two decades ago, 84 countries agreed to the historic Kyoto Protocol. We are excited that a venture born at Kyoto University is co-operating with an eminent Kyoto company to develop cutting-edge technology to help the world to finally keep this promise. We hope GS Yuasa’s module, with OOYOO’s technology inside, will soon be found in every industry, from factories, and shipping, to cement factories to power stations.“
– Makoto Kuwahara, OOYOO Chairman, and ex Solvay Group Representative (Japan):  
“OOYOO is committed to creating innovation in materials science, not only in carbon reduction, but in future technologies in the energy industry and healthcare industries.  By itself, innovation is not enough. It requires the strength of Japan’s manufacturing giants, and the wide reach of Japan’s marketing power, to reach the global audience.  This partnership with GS Yuasa is the first step of demonstrating the positive synergy of combining Japan’s academic prowess with the country’s industrial might.“

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